About me


  • PhD in Meterorology
  • Master of Science: Physics of Earth and Atmosphere
  • Bachelor of Science: Meteorology


  • Explainable Machine Learning
  • Uncertainty Quantification
  • Latent space representation
  • Complex non-linear systems and dynamics
  • Biogenic secondary aerosols
  • Atmospheric (multi-phase) chemistry
Universität Bonn
Universität Bonn. Copyright: Heribert Brechen - flickr

My research focuses on explainable machine learning and uncertainty quantification. Since I am a trained meteorologist and atmospheric chemist, I apply data-driven techniques in air quality research. As principal investigator of the "Artificial Intelligence Strategy for Earth System Data", I lead the construction of an Earth-AI software platform and Earth-AI e-learning platform. In my group, I am involved in PhD supervision and leadership in an interdisciplinary and multicultural environment.

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Scarlet Stadtler
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